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HVAC Inspections

Your HVAC system runs more efficiently when you have regular inspections to identify problems and fix them. Summer’s gonna be hotter than usual, so one of the most important steps you can take as a homeowner is to schedule your seasonal HVAC inspection. Your trusted heating and cooling company can keep your home comfortable all year long with biannual servicing.

You can save energy and lower your cooling bills by performing preventive air conditioning maintenance, like changing filters and cleaning ducts. In addition to making sure your system is working properly, your technician will also let you know how old, how to maintain it, and what upgrades are available for your heating and cooling systems.

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AC Maintenance Plan

Maintaining your AC system keeps it running smoothly, keeps it efficient, and keeps it at peak performance. Keeping AC well-checked will prolong its life and save you from breakdowns by fixing problems before they become bigger. Regular maintenance is required under many manufacturers’ warranties, and we’ll let you know when it’s time for service by setting up an annual Cooling Maintenance Plan for you.

With our extensive list of diagnostics, we check for:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks hazardous

  • Indoor air quality

  • Unit efficiency

  • Worn-out or faulty parts

  • And more

HVAC Repair in Niceville, FL

Your HVAC system likely runs all year. There are a few issues that can arise from so much use. These are some common issues and how you can fix them:

  • No Airflow

  • No Cold Air

  • No Warm Air

Here are some of the Best HVAC Repair Services

  • Air conditioning care, repair, and installation

  • Hot water heater and boiler installation

  • Heating installation, maintenance, and repair

  • Carbon monoxide testing

  • Hot water heaters

  • Indoor Air Quality services and much more!

Tempacure is offering the most reliable and affordable HVAC repair services. So get in touch for more details.

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Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your home HVAC system in proper shape is essential if you want to get the most out of your investment.

Your HVAC system needs preventive maintenance to run at its peak, but it will also last longer with regular maintenance. According to government research, you’ll save money if you keep your heating and air conditioning system tuned up regularly. It’s super-efficient to use an air conditioner these days, but only if it’s well maintained.

When a service tech checks your home, they’ll do a few things:

  • Inspect for leaks and check refrigerant levels

  • Make sure your condenser coils aren’t twisted and straighten them

  • Make sure your gas connections aren’t leaking

  • and tighten all your electrical connections

  • Lubricate almost all moving parts

  • Check your thermostat to make sure it’s working

  • Check air filter

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The best way to prevent fires and other hazards to your health and home is to clean your dryer vents once a year. We’re here for your dryer vent needs, not just for your safety, but for how you wear your clothes, use your utilities, and do your laundry. All our technicians go through extensive, on-the-job training, so you can rest easy knowing that Tempacure will do expert dryer vent cleaning no matter where you are! Did you know that lint and other debris can get past the screen in your dryer vent and eventually clog it up? Many issues can occur when dryer vents get clogged, including fire, carbon monoxide buildup, extra wear on clothes, and mold growth. Get in touch!

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Maintaining cool and comfortable temperatures in your home is vital during the summer, but it can be challenging and costly. Tempacure installs, repairs, and maintains ductless mini-split AC systems that reduce energy waste and increase energy efficiency. That means that your home will be more comfortable, and your energy bills will be lower.

Air Conditioning Repair Near me

Increased Comfort

The mini-split system distributes heat and cool air more efficiently and effectively throughout your home – so you won’t have a cold spot in your house.

Installation service fix repair maintenance of an air conditioner indoor unit, by cryogenist technican worker in blue shirt baseball cap

Monthly Savings

Along with being more effective, ductless systems are also more efficient. 

Low-Cost Installation

Unlike other cooling systems that require invasive ductwork and expensive installation, these systems are easy and cheap to install.

An HVAC technician is installing a new air conditioning unit.

Clean Air

Pollen, dust, and germs can collect in your ducts; then spread through your house. You’ll only get clean, fresh, healthy air through your ductless mini-split system and have minimal allergic reactions.

A magnifying glass shows the microbes in the air that are being zapped by the air purification system.

Ductwork Repair or Replacement

Unless you know what you’re doing, it can be hard to find problems with your ductwork. With Tempacure, you get certified experts who get ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest technologies. You can even count on us for 24/7 Emergency Service. Ductwork repair benefits include:

  • Enhanced air quality

  • Increased longevity

  • Improved efficiency

Replace your old ductwork for a number of reasons, like old age, improper sizing, a new HVAC system, or a house renovation. If you need professional ductwork installation for any reason, Tempacure has you covered.

Heat Pump Installation in Niceville, FL

Heat pump installation won’t work in every climate or home, but it can dramatically cut heating and cooling bills.

Heating and cooling spaces with heat pumps are efficient. Heat pumps are simply ACs with two bypass valves and a reversing valve so they can do both AC and heat work. It works by pushing hot air away from the cool spots and into the warm spots. With Tempacure, you can solve all your home comfort problems.

All makes and models can be repaired by our skilled HVAC technicians. We also install heat pumps if repairing them isn’t feasible or is too old. So you can manage the temperature in your home or business efficiently! As part of our routine maintenance services, we can ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Heat Pump Installation Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning (850) 678-2665 Niceville Florida

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

We have provided quality HVAC installation services to residential and commercial customers for years. Throughout our many years of experience, our company has earned the designation of a premier HVAC contractor since our technicians have years of experience replacing heaters and air conditioners.

Our process begins with an equipment evaluation. Then we’ll talk to you about the findings and your options and offer you a written quote before we get to work. We’ll be in touch every step to ensure your needs are met, answer questions, and address concerns.

Indoor Air Quality: Reme Halo

During flu season, we all try to keep germs and bacteria away from our homes. Despite the disinfecting, filtering, wiping, and washing, you can’t always stop your family from getting a cold this season. Using hospital-grade technology, Reme Halo Lights ensures that every surface in your home is sanitized instantly, making home illness prevention a breeze.

Reme Halo mimics how nature purifies the air we breathe. Hydro-plasma is generated by a light source and swept throughout your house to remove airborne pollutants.

We’d love to see Reme Halos in every house one day because they’re a life changer for many of our clients. By using a Reme Halo, people with allergies, asthma, respiratory ailments, or who are generally ill or sensitive can enjoy increased comfort and health at home

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Excellent Service, Affordable Price

Review of Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning

Had my Air Conditioning system replaced by TempaCure. Matt is a very knowledgeable Tech. He meticulously installed the system and I'm a very happy customer. Well Done.

NicevilleFL32578 30.5-86.46

Map of Niceville, FL 32578

No A/C - No Bueno

Review of Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning

Lucky I was able to call the fine folks at Tempa-Cure 1st thing in the morning and someonewas at my house before I ws supposed to leave for work. I don't know all the technical things - but I needed 2 (somewhat) expensive components. Of course they didn't have either onthe truck - so they were able to give me quotes and options. So glad they are not one of those "you need to replace you entire unit" companies I hear so much about

NicevilleFL32578 30.5075-86.475

Map of Niceville, FL 32578

Great Service!

Review of Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning

The technician (Clifford) was knowledgeable, professional and very courteous. I’ll have him back to repair my A/C anytime. Great price too, thanks for the generous discount.

NicevilleFL32578 30.4825-86.4225

Map of Niceville, FL 32578

Great Service

Review of Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning

NicevilleFL32578 30.4975-86.4425

Map of Niceville, FL 32578


Review of Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning

This is the first time to use TempaCure for our HVAC service and I only wish I had been using them all along. The very best thing I liked is that they still have Service Technicians as opposed to "SALES" Technicians that seem to have become more common at many hvac companies today. The TempaCure tech did his best to try to save our old unit, spending a lot of time that he didn't even charge us for as there wasn't any way to make it cool with what he had on his very well stocked service truck. During our last a/c service, the technician tried so hard to sell us a new unit primarily due to a higher seer rating and was so disappointed when we had him install a $100 part vs replacing a 14 year old unit with a multi-thousand $ new one, we'll always wonder if he intentionally left off a couple valve caps that would eventually cause a premature seal failure and without a secondary protection from the outside elements. Whether this was just a mistake that could have just happened, or intentional, we'll never know. However that well-advertised service-turned-SALES company isn't doing that to anyone else as they are now out of business after over 20 years.

NicevilleFL32578 30.5075-86.4475

Map of Niceville, FL 32578

Our A/C condenser coiled failed; Tempacure made a timely repair for a great price--Awesome work!

Review of Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning

We were referred to Tempacure by word of mouth. Clifford, our technician, was very responsive and showed up to our home within hours of our initial phone call. In less than an hour, Clifford diagnosed our problem, found a small hole in our outside condenser coil, phoned back to Scott at the office, and Tempacure had located the part in a neighboring state for immediate shipping. Clifford was tracking the part on a daily basis and providing phone updates for status. Once the part arrived, Clifford had set up the install at our convenience, had the old coil removed and replaced with the new coil within an hour. Then through due diligence, he performed the OEM vacuum procedure and had the system back up to spec within the next hour. The customer service didn't stop there. Scott Bruce, the owner of the company, showed up to assist as necessary. Tempacure is a family owned business that puts integrity first and accomplishes excellence in all that they do with great service!

NicevilleFL32578 30.4825-86.4425

Joel W.

Joel W.

Tempacure, HVAC performing vital maintenance on Diakin fit system

Near Lake Way Dr, Niceville, FL 32578
Angela P.

Angela P.

Will Work for Treats! Tempacure's newest team members 🙂

Near Cedar Ave S, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Will Work for Treats! Tempacure's newest team members :)
Joel W.

Joel W.

Tempacure HVAC performing vital maintenance on two furnaces

Near Woodbridge Rd, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Tempacure HVAC performing vital maintenance on two furnaces Niceville, FL - Tempacure HVAC performing vital maintenance on two furnaces
Joel W.

Joel W.

Tempacure preforming maintenance

Near Lake Amick Dr, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Tempacure preforming maintenance
Joel W.

Joel W.

Performing maintenance on Diakin fit system

Near Valparaiso Blvd, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Performing maintenance on Diakin fit system
Joel W.

Joel W.

Tempacure is Preforming much needed maintenance on HVAC system.

Near Pembrooke Ct, Niceville, FL 32578
Joel W.

Joel W.

Another maintenance by Tempacure Inc.

Near Oakmont Dr, Niceville, FL 32578
Joel W.

Joel W.

Tempacure, preforming maintenance

Near Black Bear Circle, Niceville, FL 32578
Joel W.

Joel W.

Cleaning dryer vent

Near Windlake Dr, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Cleaning dryer vent
Joel W.

Joel W.

Performing another necessary maintenance on air conditioning system

Near Blossom Creek Run, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Performing another necessary maintenance on air conditioning system Niceville, FL - Performing another necessary maintenance on air conditioning system
Joel W.

Joel W.

Performing maintenance on Air conditioning system

Near St Pierre Cove, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Performing maintenance on Air conditioning system
Brandon W.

Brandon W.

Mini split install

Near Winding Waters Way, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Mini split install
Brandon W.

Brandon W.

Duct work

Near Windward Cir, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Duct work
Joel W.

Joel W.

Preformed maintenance on A/C system

Near Shay-Lin Ct, Niceville, FL 32578
Joel W.

Joel W.

Performing maintenance on furnace

Near Dana Pointe, Niceville, FL 32578
Niceville, FL - Performing maintenance on furnace