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Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

AC Maintenance Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning (850) 678-2665 Niceville Florida
Heating and Air Conditioning Installations Tempacure Heating and Air Conditioning (850) 678-2665 Niceville Florida

We are a great business offering a variety of air conditioning and heating services. We also have all services specialties, including HVAC system installations and cooling/heating equipment. Apart from these specialties, we offer the services at an affordable rate, and we ensure that you maximize the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. This guarantees you comfort at a good price!

We aim at giving the best to all clients through the highest quality service providence and HVAC solutions. You provide the specifications, and we deliver within the shortest time possible. We have equipment options that meets all budgets, and we always offer the best!

A Lineup Of The Heating And Air Conditioning Installations We Offer

Our HVAC technicians are well trained and experienced for their areas of expertise; hence you don’t have to worry about quality. Our trained staff always approach their work at a high commitment level, and we specialize in comprehensive services, including:

  • HVAC Service & Repairs for Residential & Commercial Properties

    We are at your service if you have a residence or commercial property needing HVAC services or repairs. Our team of technicians is always there to respond to the clients immediately. We have great reviews because our services for air conditioning and heating are always at its peak.

    We respond to clients 24/7, ensuring that customers get quality maintenance, installations, and repairs. That’s why we are a highly demanded service provider across the Emerald Coast!

  • We offer the best Preventative Maintenance Plans

    If you are experiencing recurrent issues in your HVAC system, you can get the equipment fixed faster, and it will be working better than before. Proper maintenance of such systems guarantees an extended equipment life, and saving costs. We ensure that you get an efficient system that can perform better in the long run, which cuts energy costs. The efficient systems can help you reduce the electric bills; hence you need to get the best service provider during installation; that’s why we are a call away!

    Our technicians have the best maintenance tips. We guarantee you supervision on any leaks, straightening or cleaning condensers in case of airflow issues, and rechecking gas connections.

    The technician will tighten any loose connections, make sure that all moving parts are lubricated well, and check for faults in the air filter.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

After installing an air conditioning system, you must ensure the dryer vent is always clean to enjoy the best services. Our specialists provide that through follow-up services like cleaning clogged dryer vents. 

When this vent is clogged, it can restrict airflow, and the system will use more energy and eventually fail to work. That means high energy bills, and the system can break down at any minute. Through dryer vent cleaning and regular maintenance, you will have a more efficient system. 

Through our services, your system gets a prolonged life span, and there are some benefits of having a dryer vent checked up. These benefits are:

  • A well-maintained dryer vent reduces utility bills

    With regular dryer vent maintenance, you will enjoy better airflow throughout the system, the utility bills will be reduced, and the appliance will not be at risk of breaking down. That means you will enjoy better services at a cheaper rate!

  • A clean dryer vent reduces the risk of fire

    According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 3,000 dryers catch fire each year. About one-third of those fires are caused by failing to clean clogged dryer vents. To avoid such losses, you should get the dryer vent checked up often. Let us help you keep your home safe. We are one call away!

We Install Heat Pumps For Quality Indoor Air Supply

Every specialist can attest that an efficient heating and cooling system needs the best heat pump. The heat pump has a compressor that circulates, absorbs, and releases the heat. If it’s an outdoor or indoor unit, you need a good heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair. 

Contact us to get the best quality heat pump for the air conditioning system. The efficiency of a good heat pump is incomparable. We ensure that you’ll enjoy all the advantages like low electricity bills, low energy consumption, and great heat generation during winter. 

So why wait? Our technicians are ready to serve you with the best! Call our office today today to get a custom offer at an affordable rate!