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Air Conditioner and Maintenance

There are several important factors to consider when it comes to air conditioner and maintenance. These factors affect the heating and cooling capacity of the device as well as its energy consumption. Proper maintenance is vital for such a device because it prolongs its life and provides value to users. Listed below are some of the main tasks to perform to keep your air conditioner in top condition. Read on to learn more. We also recommend a few tips to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. A fantastic read

Clean condensate drain

A dirty condensate drain can result in a variety of problems, including water leaks throughout the house. Because it’s difficult to distinguish between plumbing leaks and condensate, a blocked drain may not be noticed right away, but the consequences can be significant. Overflowing condensate pans can damage your HVAC equipment by corroding metal parts. If the condensate line is not kept clear, it can also lead to musty odors from mold and algae.

Replace or clean air conditioner filter

How do you replace or clean your air conditioner filter? To begin, you must turn off your HVAC system. This can be done at the thermostat, breaker box, or the indoor unit’s shut-off switch. When you remove the filter, it should be facing away from you. If it faces toward you, turn the power back on to resume operation. Replace or clean air conditioner filter as needed. Once the cleaning is complete, you can turn on your AC unit.

Replace heat exchanger pads

Aside from performing regular air conditioning maintenance, a regular change of the heat exchanger pads will improve the efficiency of the cooling system. Newer air conditioners are taller and larger than their predecessors. This requires the pads to be properly leveled. A good HVAC company will use a gravel base and level the unit before installing the new ones. This will reduce the chances of a vibrational noise and shaking.

Check for corroded components

When it comes to ensuring your air conditioning system continues to run as efficiently as possible, you should regularly check for corroded components. This corrosion is caused by a process called formicary corrosion. As copper is exposed to organic acids in the air, this reaction results in weak patches. One of the leading causes of refrigerant leaks is formicary corrosion. Although it can be difficult to spot, this process can be dangerous and is a frequent cause of refrigerant leaks.

Check for mold

If you have a damp, moldy air conditioning unit, check for mold by unplugging the AC and inspecting the inside. You will need a flashlight to inspect the air conditioning system. Mold spores can grow in a variety of places, including ductwork. If you notice black, brown, or fuzzy stains on the interior, mold may be present. If the stains are white, it could be mildew. Browse around this site