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How Long Can AC Run Continuously in a Day?

How long can AC run continuously

How long can AC run continuously in a day without getting damaged? According to recent reports, modern air conditioning units can function for 24 hours without showing any signs of slowing down. But, it is essential to learn the difference between running your compressor constantly and keeping your AC on for 24 hours.

In this write-up, we will explore this difference in more detail. Plus, we will share what prevents your system from shutting off, even when you want to turn it off.

How Long Can Your AC Run Continuously?

Before purchasing a new AC, most homeowners look for how long an air conditioner can run in a single day. Though no specific limits are set for a cooling system, you can keep it functioning for 24 hours. Also, you can extend this functioning period to seven days a week, but make sure to check your thermostat while using an air conditioning unit.

If your thermostat is set in AUTO mode, your unit will not be able to run for 24 hours and might end up stopping mid-through the cooling process. This is because when your system knows that the desired room temperature has already been attained, the compressor shuts down in AUTO mode.

Additionally, the compressor is responsible for how long your AC will run, as it consumes 95% of the energy required to complete such actions. Also, the size of your AC and home are responsible for the cooling done by the system. If you have the right-sized unit, it will have to work about 16 hours per day to cool your entire room.

Reasons Why Your AC Run Continuously

If your unit keeps working even when you shut it off, it could signalize a potential underlying problem. Due to the following issues, your air conditioning system might keep running constantly:

●       Incorrect Thermostat Settings

If your thermostat is not set accurately, it will not allow your cooling unit to shut off properly. For example, if the fan is in ON mode instead of AUTO, it will run automatically. Similarly, if you have adjusted the thermostat settings less than usual, your AC may run long past when you expect to shut it off.

●       Undersized Air Conditioner

It is vital to choose the right-sized cooling unit for your home, otherwise, it will result in premature AC repairs. If your unit is undersized and does not have the cooling capacity your home needs, it will run seemingly around the clock to satisfy your cooling needs.

Additionally, if your AC is too small for your room, it will waste a great amount of electrical power, with cycles lasting for hours.

●       Thermostat Malfunction

A typical thermostat has a lifespan of about 2 to 10 years. After that period, it may not work efficiently, leading to several air conditioning issues. Also, if the thermostat collects dirt and debris on temperature sensors, it will mislead your room temperature, leaving your cooling unit running constantly.

If your air conditioning system is experiencing any issues, get professional assistance from the experts of Tempacure Heating & Air Conditioning.