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Emergency Air Conditioner Repair: What to Do When Your AC Breaks Down

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Emergency air conditioner repair in the middle of the night can be a real hassle for homeowners in Northwest Florida. The sweltering heat can leave your house muggy and hot, leaving you feeling exhausted, irritable, and sweaty.

Instead of sitting and suffering in the heat or waiting for your local air conditioning specialists to come, why not try some DIY air conditioner repair? So, continue reading to discover some options to stay cool until your AC gets repaired.

Tips to Stay Cool During Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Turn Your Ceiling Fans Counter Clockwise

Ceiling fans usually tend to move clockwise, drawing the air down towards those sitting underneath it. This direction of motion is perfect for providing extra cool air when your AC is working efficiently. Also, it keeps your place cool while pulling down hot air.

Generally, cool air sinks. So, ceiling fans rotating counterclockwise will draw up the cooler air from the bottom and disperse it around the entire room. If you don’t know how to alter the rotation of your ceiling fans, check the mounting fixtures of the blades and hit the switch.

Open the Windows

Opening your windows on a hot Florida night might seem counterintuitive, but it will allow hotter air to escape. It will also improve air circulation if you’re using a ceiling fan. Just make sure to keep your windows closed until the cooler air already inside your home has dissipated.

Cracking windows during the nighttime will allow the hot air to escape your home and cool air to make its way inside. Don’t forget to close them in the early morning and draw the curtains before the heat can creep back indoors.

Lower the Shades

Though natural light can enhance the beauty of your home, it can create a greenhouse effect. As a result, the temperature in your home will continue to climb with no sign of relief in sight. So, lower the shades and draw the curtains to keep sunlight out of your home during an emergency air conditioning repair.

Avoid Using Heat-Producing Appliances

Using stoves, ovens, or dryers can add unnecessary heat to your home, making you feel sweaty. As you’re trying to stay cool, opt for fruits or sandwiches made from cool-cuts until your AC gets serviced.

Also, limit the usage of computers and games as these systems are designed to keep hot air away from their batteries, pushing it into your home.

Take Advantage of our 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair Services

When your cooling system goes out at night in Florida, why wait for regular service hours? We at Tempacure Heating & Air Conditioning offer 24-hour AC repair services to help you combat swearing summer days. With years of experience and profound industrial knowledge, our pros can quickly repair your units and restore the cool air to your home.

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