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4 Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Tips

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Surprisingly, an air conditioning system can account for about 12% of your yearly home energy expenses. And this digit can go up to 70% during the hot summer days. So, how can you maintain a cooler environment in your home without breaking the bank?

When it comes to staying cool while saving money during the brutal summer days, cracking up the AC can be your best bet. Learning energy-efficient air conditioning tips can help you keep yourself cool physically and budget-wise.

To help you become a savvy renter in Northwest Florida, we have rounded up some simple tips for running your cooling system in the most economical ways possible. 

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Tips

Install the Thermostat in a Cooler Place

The location of the thermostat plays an integral role in the overall performance of your cooling system. Installing your thermostat in an area significantly exposed to direct sunlight may not correctly gauge your home’s temperature. Similarly, installing the thermostat near a lamp, stove, oven, or other heat-producing appliances may reduce the efficiency of your cooling system.

Also, set your thermostat’s temperature at a comfortable level and stay with it to cool your room economically. Investing in a programmable thermostat can also be a good move for making your air conditioning unit more energy-efficient.

Optimize Ventilation

Use natural ventilation during cooler hours of the day or evening to reduce your energy consumption. Consider cracking windows and using ceiling fans to improve air circulation, which allows you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher while still feeling comfortable.

Vacuum Air Vents

Air vents are one of the integral components of a cooling conditioning system that regulates airflow throughout your home. Keeping them clean and dirt-free is the cheapest way to boost the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Your system’s air vents may get blocked or dirty, even if you dust them regularly. Inspect them and check if they have dirt, pollen, or pet hair. Also, you can hire the pros of Tempacure Heating & Air Conditioning contractors to properly clean air vents, which is essential for maintaining a steady airflow through your system.

Check Your Installation

Professional installation is essential to make your AC more energy-efficient. If the cooling unit is not installed correctly, it will have to work harder, reducing its efficiency and longevity. Additionally, it will increase your energy bills to a significant level.

So, hire skilled HVAC contractors to ensure the correct installation of your cooling system. Less trained technicians can make the installation process a hassle and sometimes rub off your warranty.

An air conditioning system might be responsible for a significant portion of your energy expenses. But with little prevention and proper installation, you can boost the efficiency of your system and reduce the costlier energy bills associated with it.

You can get help from the skilled technicians of Tempacure Heating & Air Conditioning to make your cooling system more energy efficient.