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Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Split AC Units

If you’re considering installing an industrial split AC unit at your property, you must learn about every aspect of these cooling systems. When you shop for the best commercial split air conditioning units, you will come across several different models, each carrying its own pros and cons. These innovative cooling systems can vary in a number of key areas; that’s why it is vital to learn about them before finalizing your buying plans.

Types of Industrial Split AC Units

Split air conditioning systems are generally the most common cooling units installed at commercial and residential properties. The following types of split system cooling units are available to accommodate your cooling needs:

1.      Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Mini split air conditioning units are more suitable for smaller rooms and offices. These systems are more affordable to purchase, install, and operate than basic split systems but have smaller functional capabilities. The mini-split air conditioning units come with enhanced functions, such as air filtration systems and low-noise operations, making them ideal for commercial and residential applications.

2.      Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

If you want an efficient cooling system to cool down larger spaces of your company, such as conference rooms and seminars, multi-split air conditioning systems can be the best bet. These cooling units are designed to connect several indoor units with a single outdoor unit without requiring any ductwork.

Advantages of Split System Air Conditioners

·         Flexibility

Unlike other air conditioning systems that require you to restructure your property or create a big hole to accommodate them, split system air conditioners are easier to install. With these cooling systems, you have the flexibility to choose where you want them to place. You only need a professional air conditioner installer to install your system properly without overloading the circuits in your home.

·         Low-Noise Operation

The condenser of the split air conditioners is located outside, which is the main source of noise for cooling systems. Standard cooling units make enough noise to wake the dead because of their vibration. In contrast, split systems only make a steady humming noise, which is not even noticeable.

·         Higher Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is one of the significant benefits of split air conditioning systems. Regular air conditioning systems often have places where leaks can occur, forcing them to work more in order to compensate. Split air conditioners, on the other hand, do not provide any space for leaks and perform more efficiently.

Disadvantages of Split System Air Conditioners

  • Sometimes, energy loss may happen through the ducts connecting the air handlers and condenser.
  • Outdoor noise from the split systems may pose a problem for most people
  • You need assistance from professional HVAC contractors to install split-system air conditioners

Overall, split air conditioners have an edge over the competition. If you’re hunting for professionals to install an industrial split AC, you can get help from the experts of Tempacure Heating & Air Conditioning.