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Tang-O-Mar Beach

Tang-O-Mar Beach is a hidden gem in the Florida Panhandle. It’s one of the Gulf Coast’s best spots for family vacation, and there’s much more than just the beach to love about it. Located north of Panama City, Tang-O-Mar offers a wide array of activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Read on for some helpful tips that will make your stay even more enjoyable!

What to Do at Tang-O-Mar Beach

The beach itself is a beautiful stretch of sand that features white sand, clear blue waters and lush green trees. You can enjoy the beach all year long, though it’s at its best in the spring and summer months. The beach is great for swimming, snorkeling and boating activities. If you’re in the area in the summer, you can also check out the nearby Tang-O-Mar Waterpark. This is a great spot for kids and provides a bit of excitement in the heat. The park also features a lazy river, wave pool and other activities for all ages. If you’re in the area during the fall or winter, you may be able to catch the colorful orange and yellow wildflowers that bloom along the beach. The beaches in the Florida Panhandle are a great spot to spot wildflowers, and Tang-O-Mar is no exception.

Stay Safe at Tang-O-Mar Beach

Before you head to Tang-O-Mar Beach, you’ll want to be sure to read up on the local laws and the safest ways to swim and visit the beach. Swimming at the beach is legal, but you should follow the local rules and wear protective gear when you do it. Visitors should be careful not to swim at Tang-O-Mar Beach with other visitors in the water. This is because Tang-O-Mar is a very shallow, protected area that’s only suitable for swimming and boating. When you visit, you may notice that the water isn’t deep enough for swimming. Up next is Turquoise Beach

View from the Waterpark Trail

There are several hiking trails that you can take along the beach. The southernmost trail is a short walk that brings you to a viewing deck with a great view of the beach. The trail is well maintained, and you can bring your own food and drinks to the trail to enjoy while you’re there. This is a great place to stop and take some photos. The northernmost trail is a little longer and more difficult. It goes to a tower that offers a great view of the beach and the water. This is a great place to take photos if you’re at the beach with a larger group. Click for more info

History of Tang-O-Mar Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built in 1926, and it was constructed on Tang-O-Mar Point in the Gulf of Mexico. The lighthouse was deactivated in 1963, but the Coast Guard reactivated it in 1975. Now, it’s open for tours, and you can visit the lighthouse and see how it was built. The lighthouse is located at the northernmost tip of Tang-O-Mar Beach. It’s open for tours, and you can see how the lighthouse is constructed. You can even climb inside the lighthouse and explore the inside. The lighthouse is a great way to learn about Florida history and see the coast from a new angle. The lighthouse is a cool place to visit, and you can see the Gulf from the top of it.

Where to Eat and Drink in Panama City, Florida

The many choices in Panama City, Florida will make your visit to Tang-O-Mar Beach that much easier. The downtown area has plenty of great food and drink, and you can visit several different districts to discover many different options. If you want to make a stop before or after your beach visit, you can visit the downtown Panama City area. There are several great options in the downtown area including BJ’s Burgers and Shakes, The Original Pancake House and Fireside Pies. When you visit Tang-O-Mar Beach, you can enjoy some great food and drinks. You can make a visit to BJ’s Burgers and Shakes for some classic American dishes. This is a great place to stop and refuel before you head out again. If you’d like to try some seafood, you can check out the T-O-M Seafood Market. This is a great option for fresh seafood and other coastal ingredients.

Final Words

You may have never considered visiting the Florida Panhandle, but Tang-O-Mar Beach has a lot to offer visitors of all ages. It’s a great spot for families and offers plenty of activities for all ages, from swimming to fishing and even lighthouse tours. The year-round activities make it a great choice for visitors of all types. If you want to make your visit to Tang-O-Mar Beach even better, follow these tips to ensure a great visit. This is one of the best spots on the Gulf Coast for visitors of all ages, so make sure you don’t miss out!