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Niceville FL Employment Rate

Niceville FL Employment RateThe Niceville FL Employment Rate is based on the number of full-time workers and part-time workers. This information provides a better understanding of employment rates in a city. Niceville has a relatively high employment rate. The unemployment rate for this city is 3.8% for those aged 16 and over. However, the percentage of part-time workers is almost twice as high as that of full-time employees. The reason for this difference isn’t clear, but it is important to understand why. Additional info

In order to be considered an “employee,” a person must be actively looking for a job. Both civilians and armed forces are included in the labor force. Unemployed people need to be actively looking for a job to be counted as unemployed. Others who aren’t considered part of the labor force are students, homemakers, seasonal workers, and institutionalized people. These data are updated yearly but are not guaranteed to be complete or accurate.

Despite the low employment rate, Niceville still has a high percentage of self-employed people. The percentage of self-employed men in the city is 17.6% higher than the percentage of self-employed women in Niceville. The number of families with no one working is 16.6% higher in Niceville than in the Eglin AFB CDP. This difference in employment rates may be a sign that more people in Niceville are taking advantage of the economic opportunities. This article

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