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Lions Park 

In this boat-filled photo essay, we’ll go on a day-by-day trip of our recent vacation in Niceville, Florida. We visited this coastal town for a few days in late April as part of our southern vacation. Our goal was to explore nearby SeaWorld and Disney World as well as nearby Lake Okeechobee and the surrounding towns. And that’s exactly what we did! For those who don’t know, Niceville is located about 60 miles east of Tampa along I-75. It’s home to the city hall, police department, fire department, post office, library, several restaurants and bars (including an ice cream parlor), hardware store, and more. The town is also home to Lions Park which is located right near the downtown area and offers great views of both Lake Okeechobee and St Joseph Peninsula. You can visit this amazing attraction at 940-958 Bayshore Dr, Niceville, FL 32578.

Drive to Niceville, Florida

We left our home in Michigan on a Monday morning and arrived in Niceville on a Wednesday afternoon. We stayed with our parents, who live in Orlando, FL. Our trip took us through the panhandle of Florida and was also about a 4-hour drive through the beautiful Gulf Coast. We arrived around 3 in the afternoon, which meant we had a few hours to explore the area before we had to drive over to SeaWorld and the Disney Parks in the evening. Niceville is a great place to visit if you’re planning a trip to the Gulf Coast. The town is very small and there’s not much to do other than take walks along the docks, eat at a few restaurants, and visit the nearby parks. But for what it has to offer, it’s a great place to visit. Up next is Destin Harbor Boardwalk

Day 2: Visit Lions Park, Downtown Niceville, and SeaWorld

On our second day in Niceville, we explored the nearby city of Port St. Lucie and the nearby parks of Lions Park and the Canaveral National Seashore. We then drove to the city of Fort Pierce where we visited the local beaches and parks. Fort Pierce is a great place to explore if you’re visiting the Treasure Coast or want to explore the nearby beaches and parks of the northern part of the state. For our visit to Lions Park in Niceville, we were able to explore the local history of the area by visiting the park and learning about the decorated park statues. Lions Park is a great place to visit if you’ve never been to Florida and want to learn about the local history because there is a lot to see. We then drove 100 miles north to Port St. Lucie to visit Lions Park and the nearby state park at Canaveral National Seashore. Lions Park is a great place to visit if you like exploring local history. The park is full of statues of notable people who have lived or visited Port St. Lucie, including John Wayne.

Day 3: Drive to Disney World and Back to Tampa

For our final day, we drove to Disney World and back to Tampa. We stayed at a hotel in Tampa near our home so we could explore the city and nearby areas. We had a great visit to Disney World where we spent hours exploring the parks, getting lunch in the park, and visiting the stores. We also visited Epcot where we took some great photos and stopped for ice cream. Finally, we drove to our hotel in Tampa where we rested and relaxed before heading home. If you’re planning a trip to Florida, we recommend visiting Disney World. It’s a fantastic place to visit and is worth the trip alone. For our drive to Disney World, we stopped at a small roadside park with a view of the water where we took photos of the sunset.

Final Thoughts

We had a great time visiting the Niceville, Florida area. The town is small and relaxing, and the beaches nearby are beautiful. We would recommend visiting the area during the spring or fall since the summer months are very hot. There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning to visit the Florida area. First, make sure you have enough time to visit all the parks and beaches in the area. Second, make sure you have enough time to relax and unwind from the busy travel days. As summer approaches, make sure you don’t rush your vacation so you can enjoy a slower, more relaxed experience. And lastly, remember that you won’t forget your family and friends back home while you’re on vacation. Additional info