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Freeport was founded in 1830 and is still home to many of the founding families. According to the 1850 census, most heads of household were farmers or boatmen. Many worked on commercial fishing boats or cargo vessels. The area grew to become an important port for trade. As a result, the town got its name. At the time, there was no charge to dock a ship at Four Mile Creek. Up next is Destin, FL

Freeport is located along the Gulf of Mexico and has an abundance of natural attractions. The community boasts protected forests near Eglin Air Force Base and the broad waters of Choctawhatchee Bay. The area is a great place for nature lovers and visitors alike. Listed below are some of the local attractions and landmarks.

Freeport was once a bustling commercial and political center. The area was home to a number of lumber and naval stores industries. As a result, mills were constructed along the waterways of the area. Today, the city is home to a large number of military personnel who work at Eglin Air Force Base. More

The city has a large population of people who are over 65 years old. Most of the residents of Freeport, Florida are white, although portions of the town are home to minority populations. In addition, there are many people who identify as Hispanic. Approximately 11.3% of Freeport’s residents live below the federal poverty line. Freeport also has a high rate of child poverty.

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Freeport, FL. We compiled a quick list here.

Point Of Interest # 1 Frank’s Cash & Carry 244 FL-20, Freeport, FL 32439, United States

Point Of Interest # 2 Dollar General 16075 Highway 331 Busines, Freeport, FL 32439, United States

Point Of Interest # 3 Skipper’s Furniture 66 FL-20, Freeport, FL 32439, United States