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What Quality Means With Air Conditioning Service

What “Quality” Really Means

Quality is a subjective term.  Your idea of quality and the contractor’s idea can be vastly different.  You should be aware of the proper questions to ask before the job begins so you both are on the same page. This applies to air conditioning and heating services as well as any contractor.

A good contractor will ask a few questions about your home and what you expect from  your system.  They will then inspect you home as best as possible for insulation, window types, integrity of the duct work, and exposure to the environment.  After this they then do a proper written load analysis to ensure the system is properly sized for your home.  Bigger is not better!  They will also offer options and accessories that can improve the efficiency and or comfort from your new system.  Be leery of the company who only has five minutes to give you a price or quotes over the phone without visiting your home.

As painful as having a “salesman” in your home is it’s important to work with him and answer his questions as best you can. Proper information to him increases your comfort and saves you money long term. A good contractor wants you to be better than happy because they want you to refer them to your friends about their excellent work.

The final step in this process is you should feel comfortable with your “Comfort Advisor” and feel he has proper answered all your questions. If he hasn’t then you may not receive what you expect. You must trust he will do what he says and be willing to put in writing what he is going to do and how the system is going to perform.

For more of the right question to ask go to the Air Conditioning Contractors Association website at www.acca.org/homes and download the checklist under the heading for this article. ACCA is a national organization that develops standards that all contractors should follow to provide efficient installation and repair service in the Niceville, Destin, Ft Walton Beach, Crestview, Freeport area.