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Air Conditioning Repair And NATE Certification

NATE is a voluntary certification program designed to ensure that qualifying technicians have a core set of competencies and can be trusted by the consumers who hire them.

For your benefit this means the technician in your home has taken the extra time to learn his trade, be certified at his own expense, and that he knows what he is doing. He has mastered a skill set to properly diagnose and repair your system. He will usually work for a better contractor that understands his value and caters to a customer that demands good service.

Nate contractors will be listed through one or multiple websites to identify them as using certified technicians, AC or otherwise. Dealers listed as “Factory Authorized Dealers” usually are required to have a set amount of certified techs to be able to offer and be listed as “Factory Authorized”. If you cannot verify a contractor online, contact them and ask them to prove their status.

There are many “certifying” organizations out there but only a few are recognized as industry standard. So your tech, air conditioning and heating or otherwise, should either have a diploma from a certified trade school (college equal) or have a NATE certification.

If you need any further information about your tech or contractors expertise you can go to the following websites for more information. These sites can provide the right questions to get the right answers no matter where you live; but if you live in the Niceville or Ft. Walton Beach area feel free to give us a call.

ACCA is a national organization the develops standards for the HVAC industry.

This is the home page for NATE with more information about the testing involved in the certification process.